Purchased EM•1 is used to make Starter (Teraganix refers to Starter as Activated EM•1.) Once made, Starter is usually mixed with water before using. The proportions vary depending on the purpose of the mix.

To make Starter:
To make 1 quart of starter use 3 tbsp each EM•1 and molasses
To make 1 gallon of starter use 3/4 cup each EM•1 and molasses

Put EM•1 and molasses in the bottle, then fill with water. Don’t leave much headroom. Cap the bottle (requires venting at least twice a day), or install an airlock on the bottle. Let it ferment at least 10 days.

Starter should smell yeasty. Ferment in a warm place. Colder temperatures lengthen fermentation time. At room temperature starter lasts 45 to 60 days. Don’t let it freeze. The pH should be about 4. Floating small white clumps are the good guys.

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