Beginning Drop Spindle

Drop Spindle
Drop Spindle

Beginning Drop Spindle is a short course with a very limited number of students using a top whorl spindle. The class covers starting a new yarn, spinning a singles, and making joins. It does not cover plying.

By learning the park and draft system, which allows you to focus on one aspect of spindling at a time, you should leave class with sufficient skills to practice on your own.

Practice roving and a beginner spindle are available for a materials fee, or bring your own. If you bring your own roving or top, it is much easier to work with 100% wool, but not superwash wool. Please do not bring alpaca, yak, cotton, bamboo, silk, etc.!

Spinning, whether on a spindle or a wheel, is a skill that must be learned in your fingers. Just like playing a breakdown on a fiddle, you do not have time to direct the action. I remember the exciting moment I first watched my fingers do what was needed before my mind realized what was going on. It was such a reward for the time I had spent practicing.

Keep a spindle handy, spin for 5-10 minutes when you want to take a break from whatever else you are doing, and you will soon start to feel competent working with a drop spindle. Once the fiber is attached, you can start spinning in the time it takes to pick up the spindle, and put it down securely in just a few moments.

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