BioFiberSoak Class

Romney, before and after BFS
Romney, before and after BFS

BioFiberSoak is a method I developed to clean raw fleece with a lactobacillus culture, without using hot water or detergent. And if you are now thinking about Fermented Suint Method, let me point out that BFS does not smell bad. I have literally done this in my kitchen. The method was first published in the Winter 2013 Spin-Off magazine.

Since the process takes a few days, the class is a demonstration rather than hands on. We will start with setting up a BFS tank with a fleece that is already prepared to go in the BFS. Once the fiber is soaking, I will discuss the process and demonstrate how I prepare a fleece for cleaning. There will be before and after samples for you to evaluate.

On the following day, each attendee receives a portion of the wet (but plastic bagged) fleece. The sample will be ready to dye and/or dry and prep for spinning. In case you won’t be in attendance, contact the teacher to arrange shipping.

Written instructions included. Bring to class: Paper and pen.

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