Blend, Roll, Spin: Rolags A to Z

Class Description

Top to bottom: rolags, spun yarn, and knitted fabric
Rolags to Wingspan, top to bottom: rolags, spun yarn, and knitted fabric

Blend, Roll, Spin: Rolags A to Z is a three-hour class taught by Jennifer Adair and Vange Johnson on using a blending board. Rolags are a fiber prep that, done correctly, produce eye candy that spins as exquisitely as it looks. Bad rolags may look beautiful but either fall apart or are too tight to draft. Jennifer and Vange will take you through the proper techniques for making rolags that are a joy to spin into a smooth, even yarn.

Other topics will include:

  • Fiber choices
  • Working with colors
  • Making repeatable rolags
  • How rolag design affects yarn
  • Art batt style rolags

After making up a board of rolags, students will explore how easily the rolags spin and the way color and design choices affect the look of the yarn. That understanding will be carried to the next set, steadily building a body of knowledge. By the end of class, students will have a clear grasp of how to make a rolag that can be spun into the yarn they envision.

Link: Rolags to Wingspan project information on Ravelry

The Teachers

Jennifer and Zeke share a carding moment
Jennifer and Zeke share a carding moment

Jennifer Adair  After twenty years in building construction and ten as a professional glass artist, Jennifer now plays with fiber, a life-long passion. In addition to a Spin-Off article on a new way to clean fleece, she just released the ebook Chaordic Knitting. Zeke (whose favorite words are “Ready to get carded?”) has donated a pound of Blue Heeler undercoat to the fiber stash.


Vange Johnson  Growing up in New Zealand (a country with 20 sheep for each person) with a grandfather who sheared over three million sheep during his life ensured that Vange would have a natural affinity for wool. A spinner, knitter, and dyer by the age of eight, she can now be found most Saturdays at the Franklin Farmers Market, helping her son Zadok sell organic produce from their farm.


Each student receives assorted dyed wool plus some Firestar. Color choices are up to you, and can be different every time you fill a board.

What To Bring

  • Blending board with dowels and brush (unless you are receiving a board kit at class)
  • Spinning wheel or spindle
  • Scale to weigh fiber (please bring if possible)
  • Paper and pen
  • Plastic bin to take rolags home

Eye Candy

Fiber Artist