Dyed-in-the-Wool with Greener Shades™ Dyes

Dyed-in-the-Wool with Greener Shades™ Dyes
Top photo shows locks pulled from the dyed fleece pictured below.

The term dyed-in-the-wool first appeared in print in 16th century England. It refers to wool dyed before being spun or woven. We will work with Greener Shades heavy metal free dyes to produce some luscious locks directly from a fleece. The same methods will work with commercial roving or yarn (though of course, you can’t get locks out of that prep). We will steam set the dye for almost total absorption by the wool.

Written instructions, fleece, dyes, rubber gloves, and incidentals included. Wear clothing you don’t mind over-dyeing.


Fiber Artist